~ Michael Zhao ~

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Hi! I'm an undergraduate computer science student studying at the University of Texas at Dallas. I enjoy coding for fun whenever I get the chance, mostly working on frontend UI/UX design projects, as well as full-stack applications and services.

In my free time, I love drawing and creating art. I've done quite a bit of traditional sketching and some painting, but I'm trying to get into digital art this year. I also cook whenever I get the opportunity to! Feel free to shoot me an email or message, and I'll be happy to talk to you :DD

what i'm studying

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  • Racket (Scheme) to build a backend server
  • Ricing my (third) Arch distro with Openbox
  • Shell scripting and C
  • Digital Art because I finally have an Apple Pencil and Procreate!!!


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interesting links

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cool stuff

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  • Clock - simple clock display I made that will ding every hour
  • DSA Calculators - solves data structures/algorithm problems in the browser with steps

fun playlists

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